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Секція з променевої терапії на конференції “Uptodate 4.0 + Молекулярні зустрічі”

24 November 2023 registration КВЦ “Парковий”

Announcement of the onconeurosurgery section at the conference "Uptodate4.0+Molecular Encounters"

24 November 2023 registration KVC "Parkovy"

The annual scientific conference UPTODATE 4.0 + Molecular Meetings

Реєстрація обов'язкова

23 November 2023 registration

Secret speaker on "UpToDate 4.0 + Molecular Meetings"

23 November 2023 registration КВЦ Exhibition Center

Third master class "Laparoscopic Prostate Cancer Surgery"

21 November 2023 registration
Who we are

Ukrainian Union of Clinical Oncologists (UUCO)

Non-profit public organization created for the professional oncology community of Ukrainian specialists.

The main mission of the organization is to unite doctors, patients and their relatives to change the attitude to cancer and overcome it by conducting educational work. As well as the protection of the rights and freedoms of all interested parties.

Main experts

Kondratskyi Yuriy Mykolayovych

Ph.D., МВА

Surgeon-oncologist, thoracic surgeon, endoscopist. Co-founder of the Ukrainian Union of Clinical Oncology, expert consultant of the Onco Consulting Center. MBA degree at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

BeznosenkoAndriy Petrovych

Ph.D., МВА

Surgeon-oncologist, member of the expert group of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the field of "Oncology", head of oncoHUB

Stakhovsky Olexandr Eduardovych

Ph.D., Prof.

Co-founder of the Ukrainian Union of Clinical Oncology. Expert consultant in urooncology for Dobrobut, Dobryi Prognoz and Centr of Modern Urology Clinics. Professor at faculty of military surgery in Ukrainian Military-Medical Academy.

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