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About us

Ukrainian Society of Clinical Oncologists (USCO) - non-profit public organization created for the professional oncology community of Ukrainian specialists.

The main mission of the organization is to unite doctors, patients and their relatives to change the attitude to cancer and overcome it by conducting educational work. As well as the protection of the rights and freedoms of all interested parties.

Our company is built on relevant organizational values:

  • we create an atmosphere of trust and openness

  • we analyze and transmit the most effective modern methods and research of world medicine

  • we support the creation and development of innovative strategies that improve health and save live

  • we provide access to modern information resources

  • we train the next generation of doctors and researchers to improve their skills and improve the health care system

  • we create a network of oncology professionals for the purpose of rapid information exchange within our country

  • we raise the public's awareness of the oncology industry and the results of the latest treatment methods, as well as the possibilities of preventing the disease and getting rid of it forever

We are changing the future of oncology in Ukraine! - this is the slogan of our Vision, which is the basis of all directions of the project.

Khrystyna Pisarenko

Vyacheslav Kopetskyi

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