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Terms of membership

As a Free Member of the PO "USCO"- you join an active community of professional oncologists and can use online resources available in the open access on the site.

As a Gold Member of the PO "USCO"- in addition to free options, you will also have access to closed paid conferences and webinars/seminars, as well as to offline events.

You will also have the opportunity to contact and communicate with colleagues and create collaborations together in OncoHub research projects.

Membership terms and rates:

The OncoHub year begins on January 10th and ends on the following January 10th. In order to use the full scope of your membership, we recommend that you pay before January 10 of the current year.


Free member - $0

Gold member - $50/1350UAH (1year) - $130/3510UAH (3years)


Submit an application in any form with the obligatory indication of your mail