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Public Offer Agreement


for the purchase and sale of electronic subscriptions/certificates

Please read the text of this agreement, and if you do not agree with any provision of this agreement, if you do not agree with the terms set forth in the agreement, you should not use the Site, refrain from purchasing subscriptions/certificates, and if possible, leave the Site. If any provision of this Agreement is unclear to you, in order to clarify the information, you are interested in, you can send an email to:

The text below of the Agreement is addressed to individuals and is an official and public proposal (in accordance with Articles 641 and 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) of the Public Organization "USCO," represented by Andriy Petrovych Beznosenko, acting on behalf of the Statute, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller," on the terms specified in the Agreement.

By entering into this Agreement, the buyer fully accepts the payment terms for subscriptions/certificates and all other terms of the agreement. The Agreement is considered concluded from the moment the buyer clicks the "Confirm Order" button on the membership purchase page in the "Membership Terms" section and receives confirmation of the subscription/certificates from the Seller in electronic form.


1.1. The terms "us," "our," "PO", "PO "USCO" refer to the Public Organization "USCO," represented by Andriy Petrovych Beznosenko, acting on behalf of the Statute. The organization is empowered to sell subscriptions/certificates for using the services of the website described in the "Membership Terms" section. It provides service to the Site, owns the property and non-property rights to the Site, and has rights and obligations under this Agreement. It is authorized to accept payments for the sale of certificates.

1.2. Public offer (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer") - a public proposal of the Seller addressed to an indefinite number of individuals to conclude a distance purchase and sale agreement for subscriptions/certificates (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") on the terms contained in the document published on the Internet at the address:

1.3. "Online store," "Website" - an openly accessible website available for visual acquaintance by any person, owned by the Public Organization "USCO", represented by Andriy Petrovych Beznosenko, located on the Internet at the address, including all pages, subdomains, as well as subdomain websites of the Site's Services, and the software used to display information about subscriptions/certificates and to conclude purchase and sale agreements for subscriptions on this Site, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

1.4. "Acceptance of the offer" - the user's response to the acceptance of this Agreement by performing the following actions:

  • Continued use of this Website;

  • Actions of the Buyer expressing the intention to use the Online Store to purchase subscriptions/certificates;

  • Sending a message to the email address specified on the Website.

By accepting the above conditions, the individual (user of the Website) who accepts this offer becomes the Buyer.

Acceptance of the offer means the full and unconditional acceptance by the Buyer of the conditions set out in the Agreement without any changes. Acceptance of the offer has legal consequences for the parties in accordance with the conditions defined in the Agreement.

1.7. "Payment system" - a payment organization that facilitates the transfer of funds from Buyers for the purchase of subscriptions/certificates available for purchase on the Website to the account of the Public Organization "USKO". The Payment system performs operational, informational, and other technological functions related to the transfer of funds from the Buyer for the purchased subscriptions/certificates on the Website. The Payment system possesses the necessary licenses and permits for fund transfers.

1.8. "You," "user of the Website," "Buyer" - an individual who uses the Website, receives information from the Seller, and purchases subscriptions/certificates offered on the Website.

1.9. Seller - Public Organization "USCO" (code USREOU 43648099), a public organization created and operating in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, registered at the address: 2 Sadova Street, Mykolaiv.

2. General terms of the Agreement

2.1. Subject of the Agreement

2.1.1. The subject of this Agreement is the sale of a subscription/certificate for continuous online training for professional development using the Website and its technical capabilities.

2.2. Completeness of the Agreement

2.2.1. This Agreement, the Subscription/Certificate Purchase Terms, and the notifications of the Public Organization "USCO" (which are related to and may arise based on the conditions of this Agreement, be available on the Website, or be sent in electronic messages) constitute a comprehensive agreement between you and the Public Organization "USCO" regarding the use of the Website's services for the purchase of subscriptions/certificates.

2.3. Agreement Acceptance

If you continue to use this Website (access or re-access the Website) and/or purchase a subscription/certificate and/or send a message to the email address provided on the Website, you:

unconditionally, fully, and without any modifications accept the terms set forth in this Agreement, including accepting the offer and understanding the consequences of using this Website, and

2.3.1. confirm that you have familiarized yourself with the terms of this Agreement and agree to strictly adhere to these terms when using the Website to purchase a subscription/certificate. In the event of any violations of the specified terms, you agree that the Public Organization "USKO" has the right to take all necessary measures to rectify the violations and protect its violated rights in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the provisions of applicable laws.

2.4. Changes to the Agreement

2.4.1. The Public Organization "USCO" may, at its discretion, make changes to the terms of this Agreement from time to time. The Public Organization "USCO" will publish the changes on this website, indicating the date of the last revision of this Agreement. The Public Organization "USCO" is not obligated to notify you of any changes to the Agreement, except by publishing them on this Website. The changes come into effect on the date of publication of the Agreement with the respective changes on the Website. You agree to independently and regularly review the updates to the terms of the Agreement and its latest revision. You acknowledge and agree that your explicit acceptance of this Agreement and/or use of this Website after the date of publication of the changes signifies your full and unconditional agreement to the modified terms of the Agreement. If you do not accept the modified terms of the agreement, you must discontinue using the Website.

2.5. Language of the Agreement and Website

2.5.1. The primary language of the Agreement and the Website is Ukrainian, which takes precedence over other versions available on the Website.

Information on the Website may also be translated into Russian and English for informational purposes and for your convenience, and you agree to these terms of service on this Website.

By accepting these terms, you confirm that the terms of this Agreement, the subscription/certificate purchase rules, and any other messages and information on the Website are presented clearly, comprehensively, unambiguously, and in an accessible format.

2.6. Date of Contract Conclusion

2.6.1. The date of conclusion of the Offer Agreement (offer acceptance) and the moment of full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Agreement by the Buyer is considered to be the date of payment for the subscription/certificate as indicated on the Website.

3. Terms and Conditions of Website Use

3.1. Rules and Disclaimers for Website Use.

If you continue to use this Website, you agree to the following mandatory rules and disclaimers for Website use:

3.1.1. You are an individual who has reached the age of 18 (eighteen), possesses full legal capacity and legal competence, and has the right to enter into contractual relations with the Public Organization "USCO" in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

3.1.2. You agree to use the Website solely for your personal needs unrelated to entrepreneurial activities, and in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and the provisions of applicable law.

3.1.3. You agree and acknowledge that any information on the Site, Site Services are provided to you on an "as is" and "as available" basis and should not be construed as encouragement for action or explicit recommendation. You use this information and the technical capabilities of the Site at your own risk and without any warranties from the Public Organization "USCO". You agree that you make the choice of subscription/certificate and its purchase independently and consciously, and you are responsible for all your actions and inactions based on the information posted on the Site. Before making any decisions, you undertake to independently study all available information about the subscription/certificate and their purchase, located on the website or obtain information from other available sources.


3.2. Electronic means of communication.

You agree to the use of electronic means of communication, including, but not limited to, email and SMS messages.

3.3. Changing information on the Site.

The Public Organization "USCO" has the right, at its discretion, at any time: to add new and/or reduce existing subscriptions/certificates, change the design; loyalty program rules; add/reduce payment methods available for purchase on the Site; make changes to the cost.

The Site may contain some inaccuracies and outdated information that is not current and is provided solely for reference purposes.

3.4. Fraudulent and unlawful actions.

You agree not to use any software designed to damage the infrastructure, disrupt the timely and proper functioning of the Site; violate any restriction of any header of the Site's address line, attempt to intercept any data and personal information processed by the Site; perform actions that cause excessive load on the Site's infrastructure, monitoring, automated extraction of information, or copying any data and information from this site, creating a "mirror" or in any other way interfering with the operation of the Site by any means and for any purpose. You acknowledge and agree that the terms of use of the Site prohibit deliberately impersonating another person. Any fraud (attempted fraud) using the Site and making payments with payment cards on the Site will be investigated, and the responsible individuals will be held accountable in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

4. General rules: purchase, payment procedure for subscription/certificate, returns.

4.1. Choosing and payment method for subscription/certificate.

All stages of choosing a subscription/certificate and the payment method are solely the independent and conscious choice of the Buyer.

4.2. General rules. Purchase

4.2.1. The Buyer independently makes the purchase of the subscription/certificate on the website through the form.

4.2.2. Change of purchase conditions for subscription/certificate. All offers, prices, types, and conditions of purchasing the subscription/certificate may be changed without notifying the Buyer.

4.2.3. The Seller has the right to refuse to transfer the certificates to the Buyer if the funds have not been received on the Seller's current account.

4.2.4. The Buyer independently chooses a convenient payment method for the subscription/certificate among those available on the Website at the time of payment. Payment methods that are not provided and not available on the Website for making and confirming the payment will not be accepted.

4.2. Authorization for payment transaction processing.

By selecting and confirming the payment method for the subscription/certificate, the buyer authorizes the Payment System to debit the full value of the certificates, including fees, applicable transfer charges, possible conversion amount, and exchange rate difference from the specified payment card/bank account, through the chosen payment method, as stated on the Website. You fully understand and agree that at the time of payment for the subscription/certificate, the Public Organization "USKO" is unaware of the size of additional expenses for payment transaction processing. The Public Organization "USKO" reserves the right to request from you, and you undertake to provide a bank statement to resolve any disputed financial matters related to the payment for the subscription/certificate, as well as other financial disputes.

4.3. Availability of funds for payment.

At the time of confirming the purchase of certificates using a payment card/bank account, the buyer must have sufficient funds to cover the full payment, taking into account possible additional expenses associated with payment processing, currency conversion, or exchange rate difference. The balance on the payment card should be sufficient to cover all such additional expenses. The Public Organization "USKO" is not responsible for the cancellation of the subscription/certificate purchase and any expenses incurred by the buyer due to insufficient funds on the buyer's payment card/bank account.

4.4. Payment transaction verification.

The owner of the payment card is obligated to use it in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and the terms of the agreement concluded with the issuing bank and not to allow the use of the payment card by individuals who do not have the legal right or authority to do so.

4.5. Currency.

Settlements between the Buyer and the Public Organization "USCO" are conducted in the national currency of Ukraine - hryvnia.

4.6. Additional expenses for payment transactions processing.

The Buyer bears full and sole responsibility for all commission expenses, possible transition amounts, exchange rate differences, and other specific expenses that may be added to the cost of the subscription/certificate by the payment card issuer/payment system, payment infrastructure service operator. The Buyer agrees to independently familiarize themselves with the rules, tariffs, and commissions of the bank, currency exchange rates, and conversion that may be applied to the payment of the subscription/certificate on the Website. You accept and agree that the Public Organization does not reimburse Buyers for expenses related to additional transitions and exchange rate differences, as it only provides Buyers with information about the pricing policy and does not participate in the formation of the interaction policy between participants who service payment transactions from the moment of its formation until the funds are debited from the Buyer's account.

Before making the payment for the subscription/certificate, the Public Organization "USCO" recommends that you consult a qualified expert at the issuing bank of your payment card to obtain information about all the details of your payment transaction.

4.7. Refunds.

4.1.7. Refunds to the buyer for the payment made for the subscription/certificate are always carried out in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Rules of Purchase-Sale, and the requirements of applicable legislation.

The procedure for submitting a refund request and the technical process of refunding funds to the buyer are regulated in accordance with the current legislation.

The monetary funds are returned to the buyer's card/account.

4.2.7. The refund can be made within the timelines stipulated by the current legislation.

4.3.7. The Public Organization "USCO" has the right to request additional documents from the buyer who initiates the refund, such as identification documents (e.g., passport, identification number), statements, certificates, and other documents confirming the reasons for the refund, as well as providing a bank statement to resolve any disputed financial matters. When requesting a refund for the subscription/certificate, the buyer is obliged to provide the Public Organization "USCO" with detailed information about the basis (reason) for the refund and the necessary documents. The buyer bears full and sole responsibility for not providing the necessary documents, as well as for failure to provide the Public Organization "USCO" with the basis (reason) for the refund of the certificates.

5. General provisions

5.1. The Public Organization "USCO" does not guarantee the continuous, error-free, accurate, timely, secure operation of the Website.

The Public Organization "USCO" does not guarantee and is not responsible for the continuous and error-free connection and connection to the Internet, does not guarantee and does not provide the quality of various channels of general use communication, telephone networks or services, computer systems, servers or providers, computer or telephone equipment, software, failures of email or communication services through which the Buyer accesses the Website, and if there is a failure in the selection of the subscription/certificate, payment, or provision of other information due to poor quality communication.

5.2. The Public Organization "USCO" does not guarantee that the Website, its components, servers, or any electronic messages do not contain viruses, defects, or other destructive elements and does not guarantee the use of software (including warranties regarding its quality and proper operation) that is on this Website. You agree to take all necessary measures when using this website to protect your equipment or software from possible destructive elements such as viruses.

5.3. All disputes under this agreement are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Seller's address and details:


PO "UKRAINIAN Society OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY" (Public organization), code USREOU 43648099
JSC CB “PrivatBank” (Bank USREOU 14360570, bank code 305299)
Account number: UA363052990000026007026235781
2 Sadova Street, Mykolaiv
Beznosenko A.P.

Tel: +38050 410 83 00


The purchased subscription is only used for accessing the services of the OncoHub platform on the website.

You are personally responsible for providing accurate personal information.

The subscription cost has two options: 1 year and 3 years.

The subscription period corresponds to the payment period and automatically renews every year.

The year on OncoHub starts on January 10th and ends on the following January 9th. To fully utilize your membership, we recommend making the payment before January 9th of the current year.

You can order a gift certificate with a 1-year subscription with a personalized card within a 2-week period.

Electronic subscription/certificate is non-refundable or eligible for monetary compensation.

By purchasing the subscription, you automatically agree to these rules.

The administration of OncoHub at reserves the right to modify the website usage rules.



Payment will be made by sending an invoice to your email through LiqPay.

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